Thursday, January 24, 2008

The preciousness of it all

I am the rare flower,
that you have to treasure, nurture and protect.
I am the precious gem,
that you have to discover, polish, flaunt and secure,
I am the uncommon,
fast becoming extinct unto ordinariness.

If you are not the connoisseur,
and failed to see my rareness,
for all you can see is the common,

Is that my fault or yours?


Laksh said...

This is amazing. I could soooooooo relate to this post. Being me I would think not your fault.

mooligai sidhan said...

why would it be anybody's fault? Is it the fault of the toddler that he/she cannot walk yet or is it the fault of the blind that they cannot see? Is the rarity or ordinary ness of anything in its own nature or is that a variable that is subjective?

tenoutoften said...

a connoisseur always identifies and protects precious ness

Anonymous said...

It;s that time to chagnge our stance on this though.

Anonymous said...

This creates the opportunity for anyone to raise the claim of being special or precious.

This also creates a dichotomy.

Is it the viewer that has to appreciate the art? OR is it the art that has to appeal to the viewer?

Anyone can create something unappealing and blame the viewer for not recognising the appeal behind it - no matter how rare the creation was. This is in someway delusional too.

Nor does it entitle, because it is rare, to be nurtured. We are looking at only items that are in nature beautiful to look at - like a flower. However a certain disease may be rare but rarely do we want to secure it. So also not all shiny items are necessarily precious or all precious items are necessarily good. We can go on.

The thought is flawed. The preciousness, as someone indicated already, subjective.