Sunday, October 04, 2015

The tragedy of love

It is only when we are truly happy being ourselves, when we truly love being ourselves and would not trade places with anyone else that we reach a point where we can actually share of ourselves with another. Often, we expect love from others when we ourselves find it difficult, impossible to love our own selves. We ask for complete acceptance in the hope that such acceptance would fill the gaps that we lack the mental courage within to address. We demand from others that they fill our emptiness so that we can become full. But, strangely it is only when we are full, that we reach a place of grace to share. There is an abundance from within, which shares easily. We share truly because it is the most natural thing to do. When we keep taking from emptiness, love and giving becomes stretched and more demanding. Where would you go for love? We find it difficult to appreciate another, because we ourselves are starved of appreciation, and feeling a sense of emptiness. When two people are overflowing with a sense of fullness, there is a real give and take. There is an openness to life, abundance and also the willingness to take. This then, becomes a never ending flow. And, it starts with us. Loving ourselves, honouring ourselves, understanding ourselves. Becoming comfortable in our own skins without a sense of apology. We can make no demands on another until know our own demands better, and what we are capable of giving another. Asking and demanding love, respect and acceptance from another that we can scarce give to our own self is not just unfair but the saddest love story. It is a brutal murder of the very concept of love.

Srividya Srinivasan 05/10/2015

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