Sunday, November 30, 2014

May be we are all only thoughts...

Maybe we are all only thoughts and thoughts are the only things that exist. Floating around, seamless, ageless, moorless, stretching unto eternity. Maybe I am a thought projected as a person. A thought that was a person long ago. A thought that is me now. A thought that would arise as me in many lives to come. Maybe I am a thought conjured up long long ago by someone. And, the thoughts that running through me now will be a person someday ? Maybe we are all nothing but thoughts

- Srividya Srinivasan

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Anonymous said...

Which would mean that all our realities are individual, assuming of course that the others are also at least present AND thinking.

If this was to be true, then everything that happens to you in a day's work or a night's sleep are all in your imagination - including the people around and the interactions with/ within them.

This also opens up the possibility that none of the other elements within your reality DO exist; and thereby you yourself are alone. "We" are all therefore not different thoughts, but an extension of ONE thought - from The original thinker - the origin of the Thought

Just a thought manifesting different dreams that assume the shape of reality AND also transcend from one projection to another.