Monday, February 04, 2008

The Cosmic Cycle

In the Cosmic Cycle,
How would I ever know
if the current is a result
of the past
or it is the cause for
an effect in the future ?
How do I use
my free will unless
I know this ?

- Ramblings -
Srividya Srinivasan


Premanand Velu said...

Yes....I always go back thinking at past events, how uncanny they seem to be in reflecting events of further past.
But then what is an individual if he has to think of the "rule of 360" every time he reacts?.

joy said...

your free will is a limited free will.example:a cow tied to a poll in a pasture has the whole pasture before it-it is free to graze within the limit determined by the length of the rope that ties it to the pole.the radius of freewill is predetermined.within this limit-graze-okay;dont-okay;ruminate-okay;doanything else-alright.manovegam-can the physical speeds ever equal it?what is real breaking free?

joy said...

define to yourself the term freewill/compare the definition as defined by texts;
the terminology!