Saturday, August 18, 2007


Near but far.
We have drifted apart.
I live in the present that is already past.
My eyes perceive you.
I feel distant. Detached.
The rush of memories that once warmed my body and soul
Evoke but a faint and flickering response in me now.
I am wary of the togetherness that we once shared,
Illusionary idylls of twin souls beating in unison.
I see your growing impatience to fly away,
And want to tell you, I am not holding you back.
What kind of soul mates are we?
Are we trying to warm our hands by the dying embers?
I am readying myself for the death of all that was dear.
You see I have seen many deaths to fear one more.
All my life I have walked alone.
Through every high and low point in my eventful life
I have journeyed on.
I have rejoiced in your short companionship as I did
With a few earlier wayfarers,
But the growing awareness in me of our parting is too acute,
I am ready to bid adieu and the ache is already familiar,
It would be dull by the time you actually wrench yourself apart,
I would have already continued my solitary sojourn,
Thank you dear one for having come so far.
May the travel gods be with you through your journey!

--- Srividya Srinivasan [ 12.11.2005]

Waking up ...

I wake up.
My eyes open and focus hazily through the gloam
A slow smile curves its way across my face.
I stretch my arms and trail it languidly across my body.
Suddenly, the day seems full of glorious possibilities.
And, I hug the delicious secret feeling within me.
I curl my toes in lazy circles
The sun sneaks in and gently chides me to wake up.
I play hide and seek with my persuasive playmate
and snuggle deeper in the recesses of white satin.
A few more minutes for myself
before the busy world beckons.

-Srividya Srinivasan

Just ME.

All my fears are within.
All my fears are without.
I look back at where I have come.
Aghast, I realize I have lost my way.

- Srividya Srinivasan