Friday, June 08, 2012

Conversations with a soulmate - II

Tell me when does a relationship start?
when two people talk?
or when 2 people hold hands and go for walks
or when they sleep together
or when they live together for sometime
or when that irrespective of the above or with all the above, they have realised that this can last a long time?

I think the moment one just knows that even if it is a risk it is worth taking and taking it together.
You see inspite of all logical considerations affection, love etc., is spontaneous and intuitive and from the gut ... we make pathetic attempts to articulate ourselves and others as descriptions. As though we are absolutes or definitions and yet each of us could be just such different persons with different people...

I have found there is no timelines possible to relationships.When is it ok to hold hands, when does it stop being a risk, when is it ok to kiss ? The intensity of emotions vary with the readiness of both people and a host of situations that favour it. Some times one month seems too long a wait and sometimes one needs a year. One just flows, and if it feels right and there is great degree of trust and willingness to be vulnerable to each other, one is ready faster. We could talk for a year without meeting yet in minutes when we meet so many things would fall in place - some questions wouldn't arise and some answers would just be there.

Conversations with a soulmate - I

Her: I have been a Shakti all my life, too powerful in my inner fire to be subdued by mere conventions. I can only bow down to love and gentleness - but yes will match fire for fire - passion for passion - gentleness with gentleness - go so tender that we would be so vulnerable ... a Sati is lost without her Shiva just like a Shiva is nothing without his Sati to fire him

Him: I would tell you to flower and flower and flower such that your intensity overwhelms me and my passions... I will tell you something... if I am with a woman and she decides to use her sensuality so openly that it is no longer within my grasp, I will be proud of that woman... I am never in fear of not keeping a woman and even if a woman leaves me, it would be because I have made her over grow me to such an extant that my usual self would look mellow... I would react to that by being sad for sometime, but I would also be proud, be quick to get to my feet and rise even further up in my capabilities... I believe we within are very primal and I think that is the supreme pleasure that is provided to humans... A man and a woman are like yin and yang... like Shiva and Shakti...I am Shiv... and my exuberance and passion will become multifold, uncontrollable to give and to share if I find my Shakti...

Her: And, have you found her ?