Saturday, January 09, 2016


Sometimes, a deep restlessness overtakes me. I am assaulted by a quickening of my senses, a rush of energy, an intense desire for laughter, madness, adventure, passion, life and completion. My feet long to dance, my mind longs to spar with a witty companion, my body longs for completion, and my self misses coming home to the best of me in another. The restlessness becomes so acute that I am reduced to nothing but an impatient longing and yearning to seek release for the many versions of myself that i hold in check. The moment, the day and life is dancing with million delicious possibilities and the sense of aliveness is too overpowering. I sit down quietly by myself with a cup of coffee in silence, and wait till the trembling stops, and all that longing and energy of what seems like the entire universe is slowly reduced to an acceptable, toned down version that keeps life stable, safe and predictable and where roles can be played to perfection. These attacks of intense aliveness and longing have to stop.

- Srividya Srinivasan 9/1/2016

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