Saturday, January 09, 2016

Little bits of Floating thoughts I catch them

Sometimes, you have to wander very far, fully lose your sense of bearings to long to go back home' - SS [9/1/2016]

There is nothing sadder than realising that home is a person and that the door is permanently shut for you. - SS [ 9/1/2016]

In a relationship, it is not what you ask and receive that delights. It is receiving what you wanted but never asked.- SS [ 9/1/2016]

I realise that every time i talk about a goal, a milestone, security i am forgetting my own mortality and impermanence. I wonder sometimes how i even have the courage or stupidity to dream of the morrow without knowing if i will live to see the end of it. Fragile, pathetic, foolish creatures. Us, humans. - SS [ 7/1/2016]

There is no way you can go back in time and protect your earlier selves. -SS-[ 4/1/2016]

Be a passive observer of your active participation of life. - SS [ 30/12/2015]

It does not matter the number of lives you have led, if deep within, you still feel that you are waiting for your actual life to begin.- SS - [ 26/12/2015]

Our parents are not our anchor,
Our siblings are not our support,
Our best friends are not our siblings,
Our colleagues are not our family,
Our lovers are not our soulmates,
Our children are not our dreams,
Our partners are not our lifeline.
What then, are we finally to ourselves?
What then are we to the world ?

- SS [ 24/12/2015]

All the games our minds play? That's not us. Not really. - SS [ 15/12/2015]

I realise now that you were a detour. A cruel revelation of how the journey could have been, the brilliant difference the right company can make to the journey and discovering what a lovely companion I can be. I still have to come back to the main road, to forget the detour and pretend the rest of the journey excites me, while making do with the company i get.- SS [ 15/12/2015]


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