Sunday, October 04, 2015

The anchor in the madness

Instead of thinking 'I wonder how my day would turn out ?', It makes an amazing difference to ask oneself, ' Now, what of myself can I put out for the day ? '. Circumstances and events external to us will continue to play. They would happen irrespective of what we say or do. The events happen as an effect of our earlier causes. But, we are who we decide to be. How much awareness of self we keep through the day, and the energies we choose to put out decides where the control of the day lies. Whether with the events themselves, or whether with us. Our energies truly are us. If we choose our energies, the right energies choose us. Every moment then is a matter of choice. This, and only this is our free will, our destiny.

- Srividya Srinivasan 5/10/2015

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