Tuesday, August 11, 2015


You know the people we used to be?
The seamless thread that connects
who we used to be,
to who we are now?
It seems to have snapped.

Will you check ?
If it was at your end?
Or, was it at mine?

No wonder it seemed difficult to connect,
we should have known it had snapped.
Guess it was fraying, ever so slowly
as the people we have become
kept pulling at it,
forgetting the people we used to be
who held it in bind.

I turn back,
anxious to reconnect,
worried that we never may
How easily you lose hope,
you say smiling,
as you meet me mid-way.

All it needs is a catch-up,
for the threads to bind.
For time to disappear
and old bonds to re-appear.

And suddenly, the people we are
and the people we were...
Oh ! Never mind.
- Srividya Srinivasan 11/09/2015

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lee woo said...

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